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4th of July, part 2

July 4, 2008

After we came home from Greenbluff we put the kids down for a late afternoon nap, while Chris and I spent some nice quiet time gardening together. Then we had a great bbq with the kids and headed off for downtown. The kids think riding the city bus is the cat’s meow, so we took advantage of that and rode the bus downtown- what a great plan! No parking hassles for Mom and Dad!! (The bus ride home was a little more interesting, showing us a very different cross-section of Spokane’s population than what we usually see. Fortunately the kids slept through most of the questionable conversation topics and language that was being tossed around- definitely leaving me (Annaliza) feeling like quite the prissy, goody-goody, “well, I have never!”, kind of a gal! Eye opening and funny, that’s for certain!)
Anyway, we made it downtown with time to spare before the fireworks began so we stopped for a dessert smorgasboard that left us all with a good sugar rush, ensuring that the kids would stay awake for the festivities! We scoped out a good spot at Riverfront Park and waited (not so patiently…) for the fireworks to begin. This was the first year we’ve taken the kids to the fireworks and they had a BLAST!!! Seeing fireworks is always fun, but it was so fun for Chris and I to see them again for the first time through the wide-eyed wonder of our children. I just love moments like that- when we boring, old grown-ups are reminded of some of the most simple joys that we are gifted to experience in our lives. We can’t hardly wait for the opportunity to do it all again with our third little Barker baby!

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