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Enjoying the sunshine

August 2, 2008

After some fun, non-embarassing games (thank you for that, Dina!!), I had fun opening gifts from friends and family. Thank you to those who weren’t able to attend, but still sent gifts- you all have me beat with your thoughtfulness and timing! It has been surprising how many things we had forgotten that we needed for a new baby, and we are blessed that so many of you have been so generous and helpful, getting us set up for this newest family member’s arrival. And, SO fun to rediscover all the itty-bitty things for a newborn!
Our nursery is coming together, and we are calmly (experience that comes from the third time around!) and not-so-patiently (that’s mostly me!) counting down these last few weeks until we meet our son in person. The kids love talking to their brother, telling him all the things we do “with” him and adventures he’s already having. John already includes his brother in his goodnight ritual of giving us all crosses and kisses on our foreheads, and Elizabeth likes singing to her littlest brother. Both of them get a kick out of watching their little brother moving and feeling his hiccups and jabs… they are both going to be wonderful big siblings!! We are excited!

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