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November 20, 2008

Oh my. I just had no idea. I know we have friends and people who like us, but I just had no idea. I just got off the phone with my friend Dina and am amazed at how quickly she has sprung into action on our behalf. We have had no intention of asking those we know for any kind of help beside prayer and good thoughts to be sent our way, and now we have heard that you want to do even more.

As parents our first thoughts and concerns over this horrible job news go straight to our children. How will this affect them? What will we tell them? How can we go through this without disrupting their routines and activities that make them feel stable and secure? So to hear that somehow, through the grace of God and the kindness of friends, we will not have to worry about the cost of John’s preschool tuition or Elizabeth’s ballet classes relieves our hearts and minds in a way we have never experienced before. Chris and I just can not believe that people want to, and are willing to help us like this. We feel a little like Sally Field receiving her Oscar- you like us, you really like us.

We try to spend some of our time giving back to our community and those in need, but we could never have imagined that we would someday -today- be in the ones in need. It is humbling and frankly, embarassing. It is so different to be on the other side. We still have so little information about the details of things. It is odd to have our day to day life not be changed or affected, yet; but to know that sometime sooner than later we could be rocked to our cores.

We have no adequate words to thank those of you who are helping us. We don’t even know who you are at this point. Please know that we are so very thankful and are sending up prayers of gratitude for you. John is so happy at preschool and Elizabeth loves ballet. To know this will not have to change, no matter what else may, has us down on our knees in a whole different, wonderful way.

We are overwhelmed and grateful.
Thank you.

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