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Sigh… here we go, I guess

November 22, 2008

Well, it’s official. Late Wednesday night the bankruptcy filing was changed. They chose to keep things from all the store employees until late Thursday afternoon. There is already a lawsuit being brought by employees who were let go this past Monday, citing that they weren’t given the federally mandated 60 day termination notice. Paychecks were ordered held until Friday late afternoon so they could make sure there really was money in there to cover everything- reassuring, huh? Thank goodness we have direct deposit and that is not (at this point) being affected. The closing date requested to the courts was still semi-vague: sometime in early January. Ugh. I just pray this doesn’t get any uglier for all the remaining employees and their families than it already has.

Chris is plugging away at his last class. He got an A on his first paper (Yay! Go Babe!) and just sent in his second this afternoon. He’s already working on his third and final paper and should be all set to graduate at the end of this quarter. Hard to believe, but after FIFTEEN extra years and two false starts back, my husband will finally be a college graduate! What a kick in the pants it took to make this happen, but I am so very proud of him. Now, if I can only talk him into wearing that cap and gown… I PROMISE to post pictures of that! Hee hee!

So many of you are asking, and truly we’re doing alright. All of the support we feel from our friends and family is wonderful and so appreciated. Thank you, and please keep checking in with us as there are bound to be days when we are not feeling quite so alright.
Today Chris and I (and William, too!) spent the morning at preschool with John. They had their Thanksgiving Feast day. What fun -and quite the spread; we were stuffed at the end!

This evening we spent a couple of hours at church making ornaments for our annual Lutheran Community Services gift tree. It was great to see all the kids getting so into decorating the ornaments and then their seriousness about finding just the right child and gift to add to the back. They really wanted the kids who will be receiving these gifts to know that even the ornaments were made with them in mind. Afterwards we gathered around the tree, blessed the ornaments and prayed for the families and children our gifts will go to this year, as well as for all those we cannot reach.
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