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"Storm of the Century! Arctic Blast 2008! Snowfall of Epic Proportions!" (read in a dramatic newscaster voice for full effect)

December 18, 2008

***Updated -take two!***
My husband and 2/3 of my children have returned from the Great Beyond. After more than an hour long adventure our daughter has new snow boots and my husband has new gloves and winter coat. Now we just need new snow tires for the SUV. “Just”, ha! Have you SEEN the prices for tires? Sick. It makes me sick. Anyhoo…

Here are my happy, adventerous, sled-riding little big ones!

In our front yard, after the snow had stopped. John is sitting down, but you can see how high the snow is on Elizabeth- and she’s not even standing all the way down on the ground!

BRRRRR! Look at those rosy cheeks (not to mention the crazy hat hair!) :)

It’s finally stopped snowing!! It’s nearly 4:30 pm. The city is still basically at a standstill. The kids got a snow day from school -duh- and will probably have another tomorrow, increasing their Christmas break by two days! The next weather system is due in town on Sunday and is predicted to dump another big batch of snow on us. I guess my fear of a non-white Christmas will not come to pass!

Chris is bundling up the big kids even as I type, and is planning on pulling them on the sled to the General Store to pick up some supplies. He hasn’t yet figured out how to hook Molly-dog up to the sled, but remember she is part Siberian Husky and truly would be a great sled dog! I’ll update again when they get back -I’m sending Chris out with the camera.

Elizabeth braved the snow this afternoon and nearly disappeared in our backyard!

A few pics of all the CRAZY snow we’re getting! Yes, we’re fine and staying warm. Thank you to all of you out-of-towners that have called or emailed to check in with us.

Looking out from our office window to our neighbor’s yard. Her picket fence is three feet tall -to give a frame of reference. (11:20 am)

The second time shoveling out the front walk and car. (7:40 am)

Our (temporarily) shoveled front walk. (7:41 am)

Our patio table last night. (10:45 pm)

And again this morning. (6:52 am)

And again this afternoon. (3:07 pm)

A backwards leap/fall from the porch and, ta da!
First snow angel of the season! (7:30 am)

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