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December 19, 2008

Alright, you can breathe now. Oh. You weren’t holding your breath? Ok. That’s probably a good thing. You never can tell when I might make good on my word to update. And I did say NOT to hold your breath or do anything too drastic, didn’t I? Well, wait no more…

You have all been so patient with me and I had hoped and planned to have the time and energy to post a lovely, fancy post detailing all the recent developments in our little world. However, life has gotten in the way and now you’re all just lucky enough to be getting the short and sweet version! I still have fun photos to post of both Elizabeth and John’s Christmas programs from church and school, but maybe tomorrow. I’m only SO amazing at any one given time, you know?

First great news item: Chris is officially a college graduate! He really enjoyed his final class and it has sparked an interest in an area that he hadn’t previously realized he felt so strongly about… possibly more news to come on that in the coming months.

Other fantastic news: MY HUSBAND HAS A NEW JOB!!!!!
Not a fabulous, prestigious, amazing job to end all jobs; but A JOB! With a (comparable) paycheck, benefits and everything, including a company that is NOT going out of business! Hooray! He’ll start right after he closes down his current store on January 17. Phew. What a relief. And we can’t wait to tell the fantastic people who have jumped at the chance to help us out with preschool and ballet tuition that we won’t be needing their help after all! We are still in awe and truly so very appreciative that so many of you were so willing to put yourselves out there and help us out. These are trying times for all of us and we realize that ALL efforts require sacrifice. Sincerely and from our hearts we thank you for thinking that we were worth those sacrifices.

More fun news: William is laughing!

It has got to be the sweetest sound on earth right now! Musical and giggly, with a few good belly shakes in there to round out the amazing sweetness! I have yet to capture it on video, but he has shared his joyful noises with each of us. He’s still happy and pleasant with everyone he encounters but is developing a clear knowledge and preference for HIS people (Mama, Daddy, Sis, and Brother). He can pick us each out of a group and lets us know it with his “just for you, my person” smile. Sweetness, I tell you. Third time around and it’s not gettin‘ old. I just love our babies.

Ok. Sad news now. Look away if you don’t want to know.

Alright. I gave my disclaimer. If you’re still reading and you know us IRL (in real life) you know that our 13+ year old dog, Benjamin whom Chris and I adopted and saved from a terrible first “home” almost nine years ago, has not been well for the past few months. We made the heart wrenching decision to put him down this past Sunday. No details here (too sad for me to type out), except to say that if anyone in the area needs a fantastic vet who is kind, considerate and so compassionate please go see our friend, Sunday School director, mom to three very nice kiddos, and personal vet: Dr. Katie G. at the Valley Veterinary Clinic.
We all had a chance to say our goodbyes and Benji died very peacefully at home while Chris and I petted him and loved him in his final moments.
The kids keep reminding us that now he’s up in doggie heaven with all the other great doggies we know that have gone before him: Gizmo, Templeton, and Casey. Their unwavering, complete belief and faith is always awesome, and it is a wonderful comfort in this situation -for all of us.
Big, cleansing breath. We loved Ben. He was our pre-babies baby. He rode home from the shelter on my lap a long time ago and I will miss him -no, I DO miss him a lot, a lot, a lot.

Some photos that John took just before Dr. Katie arrived…

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