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Back it up a minute, would ya? Take three

January 2, 2009

Myself and another mom from Elizabeth’s class arranged a class present for their amamzing teacher, Mrs. N. Each child brought in one or more brand-new books to be donated, in honor of Mrs. N, to a great local children’s literacy program that serves at-risk and low-income children. We will present a framed photo of the class and their books to Mrs. N, show off the giant stack of books and then deliver them to the offices of the agency. A fun way to give a gift to a beloved teacher (no more #1 teacher mugs here!) as well as promoting the importance of literacy and GIVING among our children!

At John’s pre-school summer birthdays are celebrated on the child’s 1/2 birthday so they still get a day of their own to be the focus and bring in a special birthday snack. John was SO specific about what he wanted us to make: gingerbread snowflake cookies. He helped every step of the way (he loves working in the kitchen) and we all thought they turned out looking fantastic (tasted great, too)!!

Meanwhile, our youngest…

…was busy being adorable…

…super cute…

…super wiggly…

…and growing so fast! He’s three months old now!

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