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Our newest family member

January 9, 2009

Oh we never thought we’d do it again, but here we are with another kitty in our family. Just ONE this time, however. We had a good reason though. Molly has been getting a little neurotic since Ben died- chewing on her feet and arms- and we realized that she’s never been an only pet and was lonely. Adopting another dog doesn’t feel right just yet, so after some hesitation and MUCH discussion (who’s going to clean the cat box?!) it was decided.

I had hoped to wait until after W’s baptism, but Chris brought it up with the kids (it had been a grown-ups only thing up until this point) in the middle of the store when he steered us down the pet aisle and the kids started asking “why are we looking at CAT stuff? We have a DOG.” Well. Once Daddy said the word “kitten” it was ALL OVER.

“WhendowegetakittenWhendowegetakitten?Whendowegetakitten?” “Let’s go this afternoon”, says Daddy. While Mama raises her eyebrows and shoots Daddy THE LOOK, and informs their children that the shelter may not have the right kitten TODAY, but they might on, oh, say, NEXT WEEK -AFTER William’s baptism. Ahem.

Well, they DID have the right kitten. And oh is she a sweetie! We are all very glad she’s joined our clan. Chris and I didn’t realize that we had missed having a kitty in the house, but that lovely purring was all it took to remind us.

And now to reveal her name. I don’t know why the picture is so yellow, but our kitty is actually the color of ground ginger (plus some cream stripes). She was sitting very regally at the shelter. Our children are big into all cookies ginger. Hence our kitty’s name: Princess Gingersnap. Ginger for short.

And who is cleaning the litter box? That would be Elizabeth. John takes on full dog duties this spring. C and I will keep up with the dog poo until then, but J’s got the feeding and in’s and out’s of Molly under his belt.

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