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Not me! Monday

February 16, 2009

I know I said I would try to make this a regular thing for me. Ooops. I’ll try to jump on the bandwagon a little more often because it’s such a fun thing to read through other people’s mis-haps and mayhem, and know that I am not alone!

It has not been at least a month since I last participated in MckMama’s blog carnival…

I did not get a new washer and dryer (for the first time EVER!) and am not totally excited about such an unromantic present from my sweet husband!! Truly, this man knows me so well. Skip the diamonds (not that I’d turn them down, I suppose), I’ll take a fantastic cleaning device any day!!!

I did not spend nearly THIRTY minutes picking up dog poop in my backyard this past week, because it’s been cold and snowy and no one’s wanted to go out in the BELOW freezing temperatures to clean up after the dog… Nope. Not me! That would be really gross to let your dog poo pile up like that. What was I saying about a fantastic cleaning device? I think HIRING one would be a ‘fantastic’ solution. Am I seriously telling you all about my dog’s POOP??? Not Me!!

75% OFF AT TARGET???!!! Oh no, I SOOOO did not happen to go to Target this past week on the very morning they marked all that fun, temporary home decor down to 75% off; and get two new floor lamps that were originally $150 each for $37! I have not recently been scoring BIG TIME with clearance items that are also items I, one- actually need (my floor lamps are literally falling apart), and two- are things I have had my eye on because I like them but couldn’t justify spending that much money on… not me! I am not such a lucky duck!

Our baby William did not start sitting up on his own. He wouldn’t do that because he’s still a brand new little person and would not do something like oh, you know, grow; because he knows that breaks my heart in such a wonderful, bittersweet way. Oooohhhh, I LOVE that baby! He also did not start eating solids this week!! I will not post pictures of some of his recent taste tests and write about how we knew he was SO ready to start solids in another, upcoming post.

On a final note… Lest you think my children are fabulously behaved at all moments I will not tell you about the horrifyingly embarrassing afternoon we had at not one, but TWO very public locales: Lowe’s and Costco. Oh people. The hysterics and dramatics my daughter can pull off… I SOOO do NOT know where in the world she gets THAT from. Ahem.

And with that we begin another week, fresh and anew. What will we come up with next? Stay tuned bloggers, it’s bound to be good…

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