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Not Me! Monday

March 16, 2009

It’s Monday and time for the ultimate confessional… MckMama’s Not Me! Monday blog carnival!
I did not have this hideously large pile of laundry sitting on my couch the other night (FOUR loads, people!) that clearly needed folding but I was too busy all day long to do anything other than wash/dry/dump the clean laundry. No way. Not me! I am always on top of my housework and my house is always spotless.

This morning, I ab-so-lute-ly did NOT discover that it had been at least a week since I shaved my armpits. That would be gross. It would be even more gross to blog about it to the world at large. So that was totally not me! Let’s not even get started about the legs… it’s still winter here, I’m wearing my knee-socks, and apparently no one in this house cares. I’m SO not bringin’ sexy back. We’re long past that.

My son did not thow a horrifying tantrum on the way to church because HE chose not to bring his cup of water in the car. And of course, being the phenomenally caring and compassionate mother that I am (always), I did not actually pull out my diaper-bag camera and proceed to video the tantrum that did not happen…

On that note… what did you NOT do this past week? Come on, be honest- you know I won’t tell anyone! :)

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