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how does your garden grow? part two

March 28, 2009

Things are a-happening! Look here to see how much things have changed in just one week! Almost all of our seeds have sprouted into lovely little baby plants and are growing like the dickens…

Truly, those beans are growing right before our eyes- bigger at lunch than at breakfast! And Elizabeth keeps calling our Mesculan Greens (a blend of lettuce type greens) “Muscular Greens”- so funny!! “Look at our muscular greens, Mama- they’re getting so big!” Love that girl.

Seeds. They’re one of God’s littlest miracles. Kind of like my kiddos. Oh to be entrusted with such a responsibility… It’s a wonder to watch the kids get so excited to check on their charges every morning, afternoon, and evening. Like little parents, they are. Caring for and loving their little ones. It’s a bunch of plants, I know; but I can only hope that God watches and thinks I’m doing as great a job at caring for my little miracles, as they are caring for theirs.

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