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Super Saturday, part one

April 5, 2009

What a fun day we had today!

The boys went out first thing this morning and returned with fresh donuts! What a yummy surprise! While they were gone, Elizabeth decided she wanted to make pancakes for all of us. She got everything out, mixed the batter and had the griddle all ready for me to turn on after I finished with William. We started making her pancakes right as the boys returned, so to go with our “Yes please, I’d love some more carbs!” breakfast I whipped up some eggs and orange slices.
Chris and John also picked up a couple of the tried-and-true traditional PAAS egg coloring kits. So while William dozed away his morning naptime, the rest of us had a lovely time with our Easter eggs. The kids loved the entire process, from watching the dye tablets fizz and bubble in the vinegar and lemon juice, to measuring and adding the water, to the actual dyeing they just had a great time. Chris got in on the fun also when John decided he wanted to experiment with multiple colors on an egg.

I loved watching the concentration on my children’s faces… who knew coloring eggs could be such serious business?

Don’t get me wrong- there were giggles a-plenty, to off-set all that concentration and hard work.

The eggs turned out great.

However, we may have a few issues when it comes time to do something with those lovely creations, like, oh, say… eat them. John is feeling particularly fond of one of his hard-boiled friends and wanted to have a keepsake photo to remember him by.

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