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Car Conversations with John

April 10, 2009

John (completely out of nowhere): We shouldn’t worship anyone else but God.

Me: Yep. That’s right. What made you think of that?

John: I don’t know. I was just thinking.

Me: Ok. Anything else on your mind?

John: We shouldn’t worship Gold Cows and stuff like that.

Me: Good thinking.

**I just have to start sharing these funny little conversations that Johnathan and I have in the car together. They usually occur on our way to his school after we’ve dropped off Elizabeth. He is a thoughtful little person and I absolutely love that he shares his thoughts so freely and openly with me… I’m sure that there will come a day when he will begin to filter what he says to me, and then a day when very little of what is on his mind is shared with (gasp!) his mom. But for now I will enjoy hearing what my first born son is thinking.

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