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Playing catch-up

May 31, 2009

I am so far behind on posts…  I have yet to post Elizabeth’s birthday from back in April, her ballet recital, Mother’s Day, my Mom’s visit, the big kids’ joint birthday party, William’s 8 month pictures, John’s latest accomplishment (wouldn’t you like know!), oh the list goes on!  I seem to be taking more pictures than ever but posting fewer pictures than ever.  Sigh.  I will get to posting these at some point because this blog has become the closest thing to a family journal as I’m likely to ever get.  I know the pictures will always be there, but I love the words that go along with them… It’s just not the same when it’s not as fresh in my memory, you know?
My goal is to complete one post every other day until I’m caught up.  I think that’s a reasonable expectation for someone who doesn’t already blog every day in between caring for, feeding, bathing, transporting, playing with, reading to, teaching, and loving my three kiddos, plus attempting to continue being a somewhat decent wife, cleaning the house, trying to stay on top of VBS planning, volunteering (in my spare time; she laughs as she types) and generally keeping my sh*t together -oops, I mean, maintaining my sunny demeanor, of course.
I say/type this so it’s really out there and I know you will all be breathing down my virtual neck for the next ‘catch up’ post.  No?  You won’t be?  Well, just pretend you are so I can tackle this with a sense of urgency, alright?  Thanks for your help.
Check back soon for some old news to finally make it’s appearance.

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