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The long arm of William

July 28, 2009

Awww crap.  William is taller.  First it was anything on the couch, then the sofa table, now -as of this morning- it’s the dining table.  He just reached up and pulled down his water cup.

My coffee cup keeps getting pushed further and further away from me, people!  Do you see how this is a problem for me??  He must stop growing.  Maybe if I put him in that shoebox we keep talking about at our house…  Isn’t that just the case with sweet babies though?  You just want to keep them at each wonderful stage, thinking- oh this is the best!  Don’t grow any more!  But, it’s inevitable.  As evidenced by our two bigs.  Who, apparently, grew up while gone at my Mom’s for the past four days. 

They came blazing out of the car all “MAMAAAAAA!!!!!”  Then caught sight of their little Willum and suddenly Mama was just chopped liver.  They both scooped up their baby brother and literally ran around the park with him, showering him with kisses and loves.  Oh siblings.  My goodness they missed each other.  My goodness I missed all of them together.

Our lives are back to ‘normal’ now, with everyone back at home.  With all that means: loud, messy, busy… happy and complete.  My heart and home are full again.

I have so much updating to do, but will truly do my best to update the blog with some new pics from our last two weeks away.  Such lovely adventures we all had!

At the zoo

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