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The field trip from… well, you know where.

October 14, 2009

Oh, all right.  It wasn’t that bad.

Ok.  Well.  It kinda was.

Every year John’s school takes a field trip to a local orchard that coincides with the apple and pumpkin harvest season.  They hear about how important the honeybees are to the farms, about the proper apple picking technique so the trees aren’t hurt, a little about the Native Americans who were originally in our area and about the pioneers the came later to settle what is now our city.  They pick an apple, run through a corn maze, pick a pumpkin, hear a couple of stories, go for a hay ride and end with a donut and juice.

Sounds like fun, huh?  Yep, it is.  Especially when it’s seasonably warm and sunny, as it was last year…  This year?  Not so much.

Rain.  It rained.  Here.  In the land of 14 inches of rain annually.  It picked TODAY to rain.  Earlier this week it decided to drop waaaaay below freezing, so I guess pouring rain and mid-40’s isn’t too bad all things considered.  I suppose.  But it still was rainy.  On a farm.  Which equals MUD.  Much mud.  Freezing temps and then a slight warm up also equals frozen and then thawed out pumpkins.  Which equals ROTTEN PUMPKINS.  That are covered in MUD.  


Thank goodness for my lovely husband who rearranged his work schedule in order to come along with us.  He carried the baby the entire time which allowed me to nurse my hot tea for as long as possible and to snap a few choice pictures.  It also allowed me to chat with one of my favorite mommies: Julia.  And thank you, Julia for toughing it out and coming on what was your SEVENTH time on this field trip.  John would have been miserable without your Nicholas there also.  Or is that me?  Maybe I would have been miserable… Hmmm.  Either way…










We did the corn maze but we skipped the (wet) hay ride, opting for a warm car ride back to civilization instead.  Now THAT is not something I need to repeat ANYtime soon.  Thankyouverymuch.









John had a great time.  Something about rain, puddles, mud pits and running around with friends is so appealing to little boys.  Me?  Give me a warm coffee shop with my girlfriends any day.

Here’s the scene as we were heading out…


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