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A bit on prayer

October 30, 2009
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I am plagarizing myself here.

Many of you have seen my link to MckMama’s blog and some of you may have even clicked over to see what she’s all about.  I have been following her blog for well over a year now and feel an odd connection to her and her family that can only come through the oddity that is the internet and the strange sense of connectedness it can bring.  Her youngest son was diagnosed in utero with a life-threatening heart condition, when he was born one year ago it seemed to have been miraculously healed.  It was not.  She has used her widely read blog to address a large number of issues, but this was one I wanted to personally share with you and to share my personal comment to her. 

It is about prayer.  It is about whether or not God hears us better when there are more of us lifting up the same prayer.  It is about whether or not the mature-in-their-faith or the  hesitantly-seeking-God-for-the-first-time praying people get more “face time” with God.  It is about how we talk with God.  Here are just a few of my thoughts, right off the top of my head and from my heart.

I try to seek God throughout my days, but that is so much easier said than done.  Driving the kids around, feeding, playing, bathing them, making time for my husband, keeping up with things around the house and with my girlfriends… Sheesh.  Where does God fit in all of that?  WHEN does God fit in all of that?  The answer is so easy and obvious that I often overlook it.  He IS all of that.  He is IN all of that.  When I think of it in those terms it is effortless to maintain a close connection with him. All I have to do is say “hey God, how’s it going?”  Because he’s been there waiting for me to talk to him and invite him in to my daily life -crazy busyness and all- the entire time.

Because this blog is the closest thing I may ever get to scrapbooking, journalling, or writing amazing letters to my children about my hopes and dreams for them I am choosing to re-post my comment to MckMama because it’s how I feel and I want to have my account of a small portion of what I believe and a small part of my faith in God ‘written’ down.  It may be something I ought to start referring to on a daily basis, just as a gentle reminder to myself.

Wonderful post. Wonderfully said.

 I often find myself in conversation with God, rather than “in prayer” per se. I find it easier and am drawn closer when I feel like I am talking with a best friend instead of bowed down in prayer to a big, giant, all-knowing powerhouse (which he is, it’s just a bit much at times for this little human to wrap her head around). God feels like someone I am able to turn to for comfort and just to share with, not like someone I seek only when in dire need. Don’t get me wrong- I spend my fair share of time humbled and on my knees before God, but my day to day prayer is more of an ongoing conversation with my heavenly father.

Also, regarding your question: Why do we pray if God already knows what will happen? I too, firmly agree that numbers mean nothing to the Alpha Omega. I do not always know what to pray for, or how to pray what is on my heart so my prayers are often the line we find in the prayer so many of us learned as children: THY will be done. Not mine, not yours… GOD’S will. Just keep my heart open to YOUR will, Lord and all will be well- whatever YOU decide that means.

The beauty of Stellan’s prayer warriors is that so many in so many different ways are TALKING TO GOD. Blessings flow!

God’s peace to you always, MckMama.

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  1. mom permalink
    October 31, 2009 10:43 am

    Being raised a Catholic, going to Catholic school, hearing the Mass in Latin, first Holy Communion – learning about God, His angels, the life of Jesus – I am grateful to my parents for giving me this foundation as a child. As I’ve grown much older I have come to question many mysteries that I took for granted in my youth. I see so much terror, pain, death, needless hunger, global warming that I find it difficult to locate the God of my younger days as a child. But there is one place that I ALWAYS feel His presence. And that is whenever I am outside in the natural world. Walking through the woods, smelling the morning air, looking into the innocent eyes of my grandchildren, stroking my daughter’s cheek, holding my husband’s hand, watching a bird fly through the fog – THAT’S where I see the Great Spirit that somehow keeps this tragic planet of ours spinning. We can never really know and sometimes I think “religion” was created by man as a means to an end – that end being to feel connected – to one another, to nature, to that noisy voice inside our heads that tells us we are part of a vast oneness in this universe. And although I have come to deeply question and at times even resent, what we have done to one another in the name of “religion”, I never question my spirituality, my value to my family and friends, to myself. For me, I don’t need that structure anymore, but I will always crave and seek to find that Great Spirit inside all of us. We need that more than ever in these times.

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