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An appointment.

April 22, 2010

Today I had my 37 (and 1/2… but who’s counting?) week appointment. My OB is out of town this week and weekend with her family, so I saw one of the ARNP’s at the practice. Our littlest one is doing very well on all fronts. He has definitely dropped and as proof I am measuring a few centimeters less than last week. Whoops, I guess we missed out on getting that ‘me at my biggest’ picture. Oh well. Poor baby #4 I haven’t had a single photo taken of me this pregnancy. He probably won’t have a baby book either. Guess I really better keep up on this blogging thing, huh? This is apparently as good as it’s gonna get.

Anyway, back to the appointment. Baby’s dropped, but no dilating on my part. But that’s run of the mill for me- nothing much, if anything, happens until the very moment our babies decide to make their entrance. And with my other two boys, that entrance was fast and furious: 4 hours start to finish with John and only 2 hours start to finish with William. Both times there were no early signs of imminent labor. That’s all fine and dandy, but certainly a bit disappointing for me- I’m always hoping to go in and have them say “wow, you’re already at 4 cm!” Oh well. I suppose if my body did anything at all ahead of time we’d all be in big trouble… goodness knows 2 -4 hours of labor is mighty quick enough. His heartrate was right where it has been for the entire pregnancy: 140’s. I know they say you can’t tell a baby’s gender by their heartrate, but in this family at least it seems that the 140’s means ‘boy’ and 160’s means ‘girl’.

Everything else is going well also. I really and truly have nothing to complain about, all things considered. I am relatively comfortable, although my hips are super loose, I have wicked heartburn (still!!), have little to no energy on most days, and my face and ankles are feeling more and more ‘elephant man’ than ‘glowing pregnant woman’. But even so, my babe and I are both healthy. I am in a very content and happy place in all areas of my life and I just can hardly wait to welcome our third son into this fantastic family.

Now then. I better go find that infant carseat and pack my hospital bag. Oh the things we put off till the last minute when we’re flying around after three other little ones!

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