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September 29, 2010

So I totally meant to post this, you know, way back when, but apparently got side-tracked. By what? Oh, I don’t know… kids, summer, playing, babies, stress-inducing episodes of 6-year-old angst, the usual. At least in my world.

I still wanted to put these up, because I’m still just as pumped about them as I was when I took them, you know, way back when.


is just SOME of what my two oldest will be learning with this year!

Isn’t it pretty?!

Sigh. I just LOVE me some good lookin’ books…  It was like Christmas when the UPS man came with the delivery: all these boxes to open and explore! It was only July and the kids were literally begging me to start “doing school”. I was able to stave them off until the end of August, but no longer, so we dove in head first.

We’ve now officially been a homeschooling family for just over 5 weeks. It’s going fan-stinkin’-tastic. I even think my kids would agree with me. Re-discovering the daily ins and outs of my children’s (very different and individual) learning styles is wonderful and challenging. The cooperation and respect John and Elizabeth have with and for one another during our school time is simply amazing. Yes, I type that even despite my post below; notice I specified “during our SCHOOL time”? Yah, that was intentional. Very intentional.

I am learning how to change hats nearly instantaneously: mama, teacher, mama, teacher… and finally mama again. I have been asked many things by my friends and people when they discover we are now homeschooling, but the one question I’ve heard the most (besides “Are you cuh-razy?!” Not helpful, people. Not helpful at all. You’ve noooo idea…) is “What do you do with the two little ones?” Well, one is still a baby and naps often and quite well. Thank you, Matthew. The other is a curious, energetic, sibling-adoring toddler who has his own shelf (soon to be bookcase) full of school-time-only toys. He also likes, for a finite time, to listen to his older brother and sister read to him and usually sits with me during the times I am reading aloud to one or both of the Bigs. There is also down-time for each of the Bigs while I work with one or the other individually and during that time the other Big will play with William. He is adaptable and good-natured and will grow up with this routine as his “normal” so I don’t really see it as that big of a deal or accomplishment; it’s just becoming a part of who we are as a family.


is what I am learning… er, teaching… with this year.

Aren’t they pretty, too?!

I have been fawning over the Sonlight curriculum  since Elizabeth was in her preschool years and am super excited that I’m finally able to use it with both of our school-age kiddos. It is a very complete curriculum and comes in a highly structured format. For some it can prove to be too complete and structured, but I’ve done my research and gleaned gobs of knowledge from many “been there, done that” Sonlight parents. I’m learning what my kids are capable of completing on any given day and what to let go and what to hang on to. So far, so good.

We are busier than we’ve ever been before, but it is so so so much better than ever before, as well. I am spending true, quality time with ALL four of my children; not just busing them back and forth to school(s), lessons, errands, etc. Our days are truly our own and right now I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am peaceful and pleased with my children’s education for the first time, well,  ever.

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  1. mom permalink
    September 30, 2010 4:36 pm

    Now THIS is a post I can really enjoy! I love the pictures of the books and am so happy that the home schooling is going so well. It’s nice to know that the kid’s and you are learning new things. I’m truly happy for you ALL honey. You are a very strong woman and a grate mom.
    Don’t doubt that – ev-ah!!
    Mom ;)

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