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Adventures in Shopping, part one

February 2, 2011

I went shopping the other day. Not really big news there; with a family of six there is always some sort of shopping that is needed. The big news? I went shopping by myself, –GET THIS- for myself. Yes, this is huge news. Most of the clothes shopping time and budget are devoted to our four ever-growing children (despite our heartfelt protests that they just stay little). Chris and I have recently realized that our own wardrobes are sadly lacking. Nice clothes that live a hard life and don’t regularly get replaced will eventually wear out. Well, DUH.

I have been running lately (this deserves its own post, stayed tuned) in an effort to reshape my pregnancy #3-baby-nursing-pregnancy #4-baby-nursing body back into something I recognize and am at peace with. I am surrounded by kind and honest friends and family that remind me that I look good. And I do. I don’t say that pretentiously, but rather follow it with: But I don’t feel like I look good. Plus, it’s amazing the difference between what one looks like after dressing, primping and fussing versus what one looks like before all that preparation. Big difference, people. Big difference. I don’t like the difference I see on myself. It’s not really the weight, it’s the weight distribution. After growing and birthing four little humans -two of them back-to-back- plus the daily wear and tear this task puts on a body I’m ready to devote a bit of time and energy on myself. It feels good.

So, that said, I went shopping. I needed some new jeans. I have two pair. That fit.

I’m a stay-at-home-homeschooling mom.

Jeans are ALL I wear.

I needed more.

So, off I went. With my husband’s encouragement and blessing. Despite my misgivings about spending money on myself.

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