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About Us

This is my documentation of our journey as a family and my growth -the joys and the struggles- as a mother and wife.

I started this blog in 2006 when we moved out of state and (unfortunately) away from regular visits from family and friends as a way to keep everyone updated with photos and happenings in our life.  We’ve since moved back, made new friends and added family along the way.  Our blog has evolved as well.  I am still trying to keep everyone updated, but also use this as a kind of family journal that we will all be able to look back on… I’m apparently not good at keeping the baby books updated, but am good at typing out my thoughts, feelings, and experiences all with a healthy dose of sarcasm and honesty.

We are always a Christian family, but often fail to behave as such.  Chris and I were married nearly 12 years ago and still adore and enjoy one another’s company.  We have added our four beautiful and amazing children over the past 9 years… our daughter Elizabeth is 9, our son Johnathan is nearly 7, our second son William will be 3 this fall, and our third son and wonderful, wonderful surprise Matthew joined our family one year ago this spring.  We believe that our destination is ultimately in heaven with God, but while we are here we will do our best to set a good example of love, character, acceptance, and respect for our children… with many foibles, mishaps, and mis-steps; but also with much laughter, joy, and learning along the path of this lovely journey that is our life.

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