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Loud Actions

July 7, 2009

This year we have been talking with Elizabeth and Johnathan alot more about how truly blessed we are as a family. That it is NOT always about how much, how many, or more, more, more… It is so much more important to look at what one does have rather than what one does not have. A very hard concept for many adults, even more difficult for young children to comprehend and put into action. THAT is the key- you know, the old adage: actions speak louder than words.

Well, when it came time to plan for their joint birthday party of course the gift requests started flowing… I will be honest and tell you that this was not the children’s own idea, rather a thought planted in their minds by Chris and I in response to the fact that our children are overly-blessed with toys and books, to put it midly. However, it was simply presented as an option and it was then decided upon -completely on their own, after many joint and private discussions- without any further input from us. It was decided that both Elizabeth and John would forego any presents at their birthday party in favor of a non-perishable food donations to then be given to our local food bank.

Here’s what our kiddos and their friends accomplished in one afternoon:

Delivering the food to Second Harvest:

I did not take any pictures inside -it didn’t feel right- but the people working and volunteering at the main office were pleased as punch to see our family hauling in bags and bags full of food and even more pleased to hear from the kids’ how and why they had collected this much food.

It was a good experience for our two big kids to have… Even when we complain that “there’s nothing to eat, Moooooommmm”, really our cupboards are full to bursting and we always have something to give. We are looking forward to the time in the not-so-distant future when we can begin to involve our children in more personal opportunities to serve. I remember serving at a soup kitchen, and delivering meals to the homeless as a youth; the faces of those I served full of thanks, experience, and embarassment. It is important to me that our children see this also- that we are all so close to being “one of those people” and more importantly that “those people” are just that- people. Just like us. Except that, even though we may want for more, our needs are met. We are happy and healthy, a whole, complete family far beyond blessed by God’s good grace.

P.S. Oh, and not to worry. The kids still got presents from their grandparents and from us. They’re unselfish and great, but come on- they are still kids!

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